To order any of the following workplace training guides, toolkits or videos from Executive Diversity Services, please call us at 206.224.9293. We accept Visa or Mastercard for payment. You may also order the Diversafari Learning Map and Tips Brochures via Paypal by clicking on the “To Order” tab at the left.

Diversafari: A Learning Adventure™

The Diversafari: A Learning Adventure™ combines global cultural awareness with proven adult learning methods to deliver immediate results for the workplace. A five hour program is divided into five 20-minute and five 40-minute sessions for easy scheduling around work or class schedules. The kit includes an engaging visual map, easy-to-follow facilitator guide, all materials for interactive exercises, and an attractive carrying bag. The materials are re-usable, making this program one of the most cost-effective training tools on the market.

Executive Diversity Tips

Executive Diversity Service has a terrific series of “Tips” brochures that are ideal for providing employees with valuable information. They can be distributed at new employee orientation or employee training programs, or for giving away at trade shows. We will also license your company to print these brochures with your own company name on them.

Tips: Being More Multi-cultural
Tips: Interviewing
Tips: Working with English as a Second Language
Tips: Working with People with Disabilities
Tips: Men and Women Working Together


1-10   11-50  51-149  150-999  1000+

$3.00  $2.85  $2.60    $2.35      $2.00

each    each   each     each       each

$14.00 will purchase a set of five: one of each brochure.

Workplace Training Videos

Executive Diversity Services distributes workplace training videos from Quality Media Resources. Previews cost $25; one-week rentals are $225; single video purchases are $625. Bulk rates are also available for purchase of video series. The list of videos available is quite lengthy so please contact us for a complete list.