Coaching & Consulting

Whether your challenge is short or long-term, we will partner with you to achieve your goals. Long-term organizational change requires strategic planning that begins with developing a vision, assessing your current culture and identifying strategies to create the diverse workplace culture you want and need. With Coaching Consulting we work with you to create and implement changes, we track how each modification affects every part of the organization and its people in order to assure positive impacts that support your vision.

Our executive coaching gets results and has been increasingly shown to be the most powerful means of helping executives adapt to the global economy and prepare their workplaces to meet its opportunities and challenges. We often base our coaching on individual assessment using the Intercultural Development Inventory which allows us to create a development plan that helps the individual grow in both domestic and international cultural sensitivity and skills.  Our coaches average over 10 years of hands-on senior management experience in addition to exceptional coaching skill.

Team Building

Work groups need to be productive, profitable, collaborative and harmonious in order to perform most effectively. Additionally, the ability to create and maintain an effective work group is impacted by the diverse values, approaches and needs of individual members. Team building workshops focus on how to build feelings of belonging, respect, and trust among team members and may be offered to existing work teams, or as a group session for management development.