Are you looking for articles about diversity and new perspectives on diversity and inclusion?  Or a discussion on a particular topic?  Here are some articles that EDS recommends as starting points for discussion.  You can also visit our Newsletter Archive for past features on race, immigration, generations, and many other topics.

Empowering Talent through Diversity

Amparo Bared is a successful Hispanic-American woman who has risen from the station of human resources manager at Ryder System Inc. to the position of vice president of global talent management. Having grown up in a Miami that lacked the diversity that would later characterize it in later decades, she translated her experience of being a minority in America and work ethic into the process of making Ryder System Inc.a paragon of integrated workforces. She did this by establishing a talent management department to make sure all changes were disseminated effectively through the institution, and then proceeded to keep the business side of the organization tied to the process of promoting diversity, and thusly allowed diversity to become a key component of the corporate identity of Ryder System Inc.

Your Beautiful isn’t mine

The journalist Esther Honig, having completed a recent experiment in Photoshop regarding world beauty standards, found that her results went viral on the internet. Honig, having never been particularly drawn to beauty standards, conducted the experiment out of a sense of curiosity and sympathy for women who seem captivated by “ideals” of beauty. The results of the experiment, which consisted of Honig sending a picture of herself to Photoshop operators around the world with the added instruction “make me beautiful”, returned to her extremely varied results, suggesting, if not proving, that beauty has no universal standard. The acceptance of this simple lesson, then, could have revolutionary consequences in the workplace and day to day life, ideally leading to a workplace culture where the exterior of an employee matters less than the quality and competence found under the surface.