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Exploring the Intercultural and Diversity & Inclusion Fields: Bridging Boundaries or One Approach?

EDS President Elmer Dixon will be among the panelists in a discussion around where the Intercultural field and the world of Diversity & Inclusion meet, connect, or are different. The session takes place on October 19 at the SIETAR USA annual conference in San Diego. Farzana Nayani, Leadership Development Director for SIETAR USA will facilitate the panel.

This session addresses the age-old dialogue around diversity and inclusion and the intercultural field. It will explore the connections, differences and a blending of these worlds across scholarship, practice and education. By introducing this topic in a panel format with established specialists who do work across the different fields and within different sectors (higher education, corporate, non-profit and performing arts) – a robust conversation can be raised about what has emerged in recent years.  Is it a true dichotomy or is a blending or blurring now occurring?

Self-identified practitioners in both areas often have questions about what defines an initiative to be intercultural vs. diversity and inclusion, domestic vs. global or some other dichotomy.  The objective of this session is to expand awareness and deepen understanding about these important aspects of our field and to engage new and returning conference attendees who may see themselves as part of one field and not the other, or who are aiming to forge a path in both.

Elmer Dixon is a regular presenter at SIETAR. He presented on Cultural Dexterity for Turbulent Times at the SIETAR Europa Congress in Dublin last May and on Challenges in Policing Diverse Communities at the 2016 SIETAR USA conference in Tulsa.

SIETAR is the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. The mission of SIETAR USA is to promote and facilitate intercultural education, training and research through professional interchange.



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